Info: faq


Do you have group rates? 

I do. All the time I am shooting for acting programs [grad and undergrad] getting folks ready for their showcase I love doing this both for establishing an artistic relationship and meeting the future of the theatre/film world. I fly out, line up all our shoots in a row, shoot a group photo, and fly back. Pretty simple and I can offer a great discounted rate [requires 4 or more students]. I also get a handful of inquires from companies looking for a fresh clean perspective to their online identity. Trust me - it's so nice not to have those same old stuffy bio pictures. Please contact me with your specific needs and we'll work it out! 

How long do shoots usually last? 

Usually around 2 hours or so, but because I don't put a time limit on things we just kind of go until we feel like we've got it covered. There's no rush, but we make sure we're being efficient with your time, too. 

How many photos get taken during the shoot? 

Depends on how long we shoot for, but generally, you end up with in between 200 and 400 pictures. 

Whoa, really? 

Yeah, for reals. 

How do I get my photos mass produced? 

Well, there are a whole bunch of services out there. I personally recommend Reproductions and Colorworks. They are hands down the best in the industry and your craft deserves nothing less. Do not skimp on your repros... they are important. These two are basically the industry standard. 

What happens if the weather is bad? 

The :e:Barn is great because regardless of the weather we'll be able to shoot - inside or out. If you would really rather reschedule, no sweat. We'll work it out. I make it a point of keeping my schedule pretty flexible, so we should have no problem finding another time slot that works. Keep in mind rescheduling your session forfeits your deposit. 

Is it true that your nickname in college was Squaric? 

Yup. It's true. Go figure. I was also known as Sunshine and Willis. Sean Foley mostly called me Willis. It's from some Staples commercial. 

When can I see my pictures? 

The next business day after your shoot is finished I'll e-mail you a link where you can download all of your proofs to your computer. No hassle, no shipping or wasted media. It's pretty sweet. You can then browse through them all and send them off to your agent and manager to get some feedback. I am also happy to offer my two cents on which ones I think suit you best. Once you have selected the image(s) for reproduction, I will work my :e:magic and e-mail you the high resolution fit for printing finals. You are free to do whatever you want with these images.  

Do you do touchups? 

Eh... I do MINOR touchup work. I am not a touch up artist, nor do I pretend to be. If you want any additional work done to your final images, I recommend using Reproductions or Colorworks. The folks there are outstanding and can provide you with what you need much better than I can. Just take the final that I send you to them and they'll do their thing... 

Will you sell my photos to sketchy websites? 

No, of course not... how could you even ask that? I do however reserve the right to use any image from our shoot for advertising purposes. Hey, it's free publicity for you. Can't go wrong there... and you're in good company. 

What happens if I need to cancel? 

If you have to cancel, your deposit is forfeited. It pains me to do so but that is the way it works. I have a very full client load and holding dates for folks can only happen with a deposit. 

Will you meet with me before the shoot? 

Heck yeah. I'm always up for doing consultations at the :e:Barn. Just let me know and we'll set it up.