Your headshots are important. You've heard it a million times and you'll hear it many more whether your fate lies in the performing fields or any other industry. It's basically your calling card - what the casting directors and agents see first. Truth: I have seen extremely talented people not getting the opportunities that they deserve because of a mediocre headshot. A great headshot won't get you the part but it will help you to get your foot in the door. Then you just have to nail the audition. You will, 'cause you're awesome. 

I do not believe that headshots are portraits. Headshots are moments. It's journalism and documentary. I am a storyteller and the story that I am telling is all about who you are and what you bring to the table - what makes you unique and different from the million other souls out there. It's all in your eyes. These moments are small and subtle but what lies there is the depth of your character. It is who you are. Not only does your headshot need to look like you it needs to convey your essence. Who you are not WHAT you are. When you walk into an interview or an audition with a picture that is not representative of who you are you are just going to end up frustrating people. Of course this is going to be you on your best day, but keep in mind that these are not glamour shots (though I probably could find a fuzzy laser background if you really want one).  

Aiming for your most striking and flattering moments, I shoot for action, for honesty, and for comfort in surroundings that will allow you to relax and let yourself shine through. No stiff poses with me. You will never hear me say 'OK, Close your eyes and think of a secret... [hurl].' Basically we get comfortable and just hang out and I'll shoot. That's all there is to it. I capture people, I don't create them. Our shoot will be happening in natural/available light because there is something so attractive and refreshing about using available light that I have yet to see replicated in a studio setting. Plus... I have a funny feeling that when you meet those casting folks and directors for the first time, you won't be walking into a perfectly lit studio space... I could be wrong, though... 

seek the joy,